Effective claim resolution maybe THE most important factor

At Guy Hurley our Claim Department was put together with this in mind. Our focus is the effective oversight of insurance carrier claim handling and litigation management on behalf of our client.

How do we do it?

Our department head is a licensed master level attorney with over 30 years of litigation trial and suit management experience. We utilize this expertise to advocate for the efficient, competent, and cost effective handling of our clients’ claims. This is achieved through early identification of large losses, continuous review of carrier reserves, and aggressive resolution strategies.

Our goal is to eliminate unpleasant surprises regarding claim negotiations and settlements. All too often a liability or workers' compensation case is settled on the courthouse steps for significant dollars, when the insured had anticipated a vigorous defense. A carrier’s decision to pay nuisance claims often ignores the big picture message being sent by those payments.

We collaborate with clients, claims adjusters, and defense counsel to work toward claim resolutions that are consistent with our clients’ business goals. We coordinate and actively participate in claim review meetings, recommend return to work programs, and provide risk transfer recommendations while always keeping our clients’ best interests at the forefront of all discussions.

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