Pleasure Craft and Yacht

Luxury Watercraft

… dare I say “Yachts?” …

Owning a luxury watercraft is a pricey and complicated venture. Lots of folks are involved, from creation to cruising, so we need to know the deal. You will find us and are professional partners to be enthusiastic, industry experts with the needed in-depth knowledge to properly cover your specialty yacht … there I said it … yacht … insurance. Doing so means conducting a thorough risk assessment, possessing the skill set to find the right solutions, and the ability to provide enhanced support. Plus, were available 24/7, a crucial fact for those world travelers who find themselves mooring in tight places!

Personal Watercraft

Let's talk about those personal watercraft delights, such as Wave Runners, Jet Skis, and Sea-Doos and their special exposures.

Did you know that your homeowner’s policy will not be there for you if you damage a public dock with your trusty steed or if you accidentally fling your cousin off the back of your jet ski and into the water? Unless you have a separate personal watercraft policy, you might be high and dry when it comes to coverage.

However, no need to fret! You simply need to talk to your neighborhood Guy Hurley Insurance advisor before you take your craft out for a spin and we talk through your exposures.

Keep in mind that depending on where you reside, there could be age restrictions to be aware of. So, batten down those hatches and keep in mind that a little insurance can go a long way when it comes to playing with your beloved Wave Runners, Jet Skis, or Sea-Doos.