Premier Automobile Coverage

If you were Lewis Hamilton (which you are not) and you were an “eight”-time Formula One world champion (which, once again, we are betting you are not...) you would already know the importance of managing this massive risk. 

Automobile losses lead the industry in cost and severity, leaving no one immune to potential for severe loss.

Given that, having top-notch auto insurance coverage is non-negotiable, a risk no one should take on alone. With the right coverage options and competitive pricing, you can cruise the roads with confidence knowing that you are in the best of hands. 

As for coverage options … Guy Hurley Premier has it all.  However, a few of my favorites are …

- $1,000,000 Liability limits.

- $2,500 Comp and Collision Deductibles.

- Replacement cost options for my vehicle or classic cars.

- Agreed value coverage where the value of your unique vehicles is locked in for the policy term and your deductible is waived in the event of a total loss.

- Dedicated claims advocacy to help your get back out on the track as soon as possible.

- Unlimited PIP coverage … always! 

- Original Replacement Parts Protection, meaning only original manufacturers’ parts for you and your family, when repairs are needed.

- Worldwide coverage, so that you are protected for rentals or borrowed vehicles outside the U.S.

- Electronic Equipment coverage to make sure that your high-tech gizmos get fixed without any hassle.

- Full-glass protection covers glass breakage without a deductible.

- Towing and labor coverage, for when you can’t make it back to pit lane.

- Roadside assistance, for help towing you back to pit lane … or for tire replacement …  lockouts … and more!

- Transportation expense coverage so you will be reimbursed for the cost to rent a vehicle while yours is being repaired.

- And last … but not least, by any stretch … Lease Gap Protection, so when if you total your car, you do not get stuck with any outstanding loan balances!