Premier Home and Renters Insurance

Be sure you have what you need

... before you need it!

Your home is the largest purchase you will ever make, and it is not just an investment — it is the hub of your family’s everyday life. Whether you live in a custom-built luxury home, or a historic home expertly crafted with hard-to-find materials, you want to know that if your home is damaged your insurance policy will seamlessly step up restore it to its original condition. 

When something happens to your home or your family’s possessions, the distress to you and your loved ones can be overwhelming. Given all that you have worked for, all these years, it is imperative that you be made whole AND that you and your family will be back on solid footing as soon as possible.

With GH Premier home protection insurance, we will give you peace of mind, knowing that your family, home, and your possessions are properly protected.

It all starts with having the right coverage for what you currently possess and having the right limits to make you whole. With today’s inflationary pressures, we are finding that the average home is underinsured by upwards of 25%, and many luxury homes are underinsured by 60% or more. Given the immense disruption caused by a major loss, the absolute last challenge you need to deal with is a significant gap in the cost to reconstruct your home and the amount of limits available to you and your family to do so.

Key coverages that ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY must be up to snuff:

  • Adequate limits for inflated reconstruction costs. Most luxury homes are significantly underinsured.

  • Significant Living expense limits for items such as lodging and meals.  Average time to rebuild after a major fire is 12+ months, and that is aggressive! The average monthly rental of a $2M house is roughly $13,500 ... x 18 months = $243,000.  Do you have the limits?

  •  Proper documentation, coverage, and limits for the replacement of jewelry, art or other valuables if stolen, lost, or destroyed.

  • Proper limits for Liability coverage if you are sued for accidental and unintentional bodily injury or damaging the property of a neighbor or third party.

  • "Water Damage" Coverage, be it flood or sewer backup.  Do you have the right coverage and needed limits?