Specialty Vehicles

Purchasing insurance for a new car is a no brainer, however, not so for most specialty vehicles. Specialty vehicles require unique and specialized coverages, selected by an expert in the field. Here are a few thoughts on the subject:

Recreational Vehicles – Life on the Road

RVs need separate coverage as they are not adequately covered under home or auto policies. RV insurance provides more liability coverage and features like collision, theft, fire, floods, animal damage, and roadside assistance ... did you know that?

Specialized policies cover attached accessories, emergency lodging expenses, personal belongings replacement, and offer liability protection, on and off the road. As RVs are a significant investment with some models exceeding $500,000, specialized coverage is more appropriate than limited auto insurance.

Motorcycles and Off-Road Vehicles

Riding a motorcycle or off-road vehicle is different from driving a car. Practice and skills are crucial, as these vehicles can be more hazardous. Although off-road vehicles are less regulated, a separate license and insurance are necessary for motorcycles. Your driving record, use, safety equipment, model, year, and storage will affect coverage options and the extent of your liability. Being a safe and insured rider is paramount for you and your bike. Consult with us to determine the best protection for you and your off-road vehicle.

Personal Watercraft

Ahoy there, fellow sea enthusiasts! Let's talk about those personal watercraft delights, such as Wave Runners, Jet Skis, and Sea-Doos and their special exposures.

Did you know that your homeowner’s policy will not be there for you if you damage a public dock with your trusty steed or if you accidentally fling your cousin off the back of your jet ski and into the water? Unless you have a separate personal watercraft policy, you might be high and dry when it comes to coverage.

However, no need to fret! Simply talk to your neighborhood Guy Hurley Insurance advisor before you take your craft out for a spin and we can discuss your exposures. 

Remember, depending on where you reside on the high seas, there could be age restrictions to watch out for. So, batten down the hatches and keep in mind that a little insurance, can go a long way when it comes to playing with your beloved Wave Runners, Jet Skis, or Sea-Doos.

Golf Carts

Hey, fellow golf pros, let's chat about everyone's favorite mode of transportation on the course and sometimes in the neighborhood ... the golf cart.

While we all know that rolling around in our speedy carts is half the fun of golf, have you considered the personal exposure at risk with your trusty four-wheeled companion?

Sure, your homeowner’s policy might cover you if you accidentally hit a sand trap with your cart, but it might not be there if you mess up the cart itself or cause any property damage, and let's be honest, some of these golf carts are like a second home for us!

Speaking of homes, if you or the kids use your cart to ride through the community (we have all done it!), we should talk.

Personal Aircraft

Hey there ... Maverick here! Well at least I can call myself that until Paramount Pictures finds out! 

If you are flying high on your private jet or fractional share, you need to know the risks involved. Just like with my trusty supersonic jet fighter, there are many moving parts involved when owning and operating a private aircraft. You need to get with an insurance broker, such as Guy Hurley Insurance, who really knows their stuff when it comes to aviation insurance, as there are a number of federal … and dare I say … personal regulations to comply with. 

So, get protected, not just for your aircraft, but for your lifestyle as well. Because when you are up there in the sky, you want to make sure you have everything covered.

The Close …

As a specialty vehicle owner, navigating the varying insurance regulations across individual states can be overwhelming. No need for you to worry ... just enjoy the ride, as we have you covered.

Communication is key to all good plans, new asset acquisitions, lifestyle changes, promotions, all change your personal exposure and that is a good thing, as we can tailor your protection to your current situation. We will remain in touch with you throughout the year to ensure that we safeguard your yachts, planes, homes, artwork, jewelry, shoes, and cars, etc.

So, in a nutshell, let's catch up and talk about your toys.

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