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As an agency we’ve cut our teeth on the surety business, with over 50 years of combined company underwriting experience. Extensive surety service backgrounds combined with our years of agency experience enable us to effectively handle the most complicated bonding issues. We understand how surety underwriters view issues. We know how to best approach them with solutions to those issues.

We value our surety company relationships, which are unsurpassed at the local, regional, and home office levels. We believe fostering strong relationships between our clients and their local and home office underwriters, allows us to do exceptional things for our clients. Meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations means finding financial surety solutions, even when those solutions require out of the box techniques and approaches, leaning on our uniquely strong surety company relationships.

As one of the region’s top surety firms, we represent clients in virtually every construction discipline, ranging from the family-owned business needing its first bond to the largest regional and national contractors needing surety programs in the hundreds of millions. Recently Crain’s Detroit Business magazine published a list of the top 100 privately held companies in Southeast Michigan. Among them were a dozen contracting firms. We are proud to say Guy Hurley represents more of these firms than any of our competitors.

Over 50 years of combined Surety Company underwriting experience

Surety Analytics

Surety Analytics

Our proprietary Surety Analytics application provides our clients and prospects with a unique insight into what really drives their bonding capacity. This is a comprehensive analysis of a company’s financial situation, including the balance sheet, P&L, job schedules and various off balance sheet factors. Bonding capacity is typically some multiple of a company’s analyzed working capital and/or net worth. What dictates that multiple? Why are some firms able to maximize that multiple and some are not? Surety Analytics focuses on the key factors that impact your multiple and ultimately, your bonding capacity. It also allows us to paint a clear, forward looking picture for our surety partners, based on existing backlog, potential backlog and other factors.

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